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How do thought leaders & influencers use hashtags? – Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice

18th October 2016

Last week I published a seemingly controversial article and infographic about how hashtags have become almost worthless for businesses. I found that many generic hashtags like #Marketing or #SocialMedia were magnets for bots or spammers. What I did not expect was such a fevered pushback from some of commenters and readers. They felt I took to harsh … Read more

Digital leadership in the boardroom, where’s it coming from? – Bill James: Medium

18th October 2016

Digital leadership is a cornerstone of the eco-system, and is often the difference between delivering digital functionality and digital transformation. We shared this view in our report — Digital Maturity: The butterfly effect — and it’s a subject we’ve discussed both here at Transform and with digital leaders. I recently helped to host a a group of senior execs … Read more

Why You Need to Switch Your Site to HTTPS – Fresh Egg Blog

14th October 2016

The web has changed a lot over the last couple of decades. However, two seemingly rare but distinct behaviours have remained: 1. People like to break things, the majority of the time just to prove that they can and 2. People like to listen in and steal your personal information. These two behaviours, when combined … Read more

Everybody has a plan – until they get digitally disrupted : Chief Marketing Technologist

12th October 2016

The rock singer Jim Morrison once said about life, “Nobody gets out of here alive.” As the world continues its digital metamorphosis, we could riff on that: “Nobody gets out of here undisrupted.” Digital will disrupt your business. Odds are, it will happen sooner, faster, and to a far greater degree than you dare to … Read more

Putting an end to the build and bust cycle of content management systems – code

11th October 2016

Your website has been live for a few years now, but it is already getting slower and becoming more expensive to change or update. Sound familiar? In this white paper, Code’s technical director Dave Heath shares insight into why so many businesses keep repeating this cycle of rebuilding their website every three to five years, … Read more

Defining the Operating Model for the Digital Enterprise | POST*SHIFT

11th October 2016

Lee Bryant – Post*Shift Earlier this week at the IOM Summit in Cologne, I gave a talk entitled ‘Defining the Operating Model for the Digital Enterprise’ that outlined what I think are the two key foundations of a digitally transformed enterprise: An operating system that coordinates work more effectively than bureaucratic management An operating model … Read more