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The Next Wave Of Utility For Enterprise Social Networks – Post*Shift

8th December 2016

By 2017, McKinsey predicts that 70% of companies will have an Enterprise Social Network (ESN). Now that these platforms are finally mainstream, we need to focus on how to increase their utility and usefulness for employees and the wider organisation. Adoption and engagement remain challenges for many, and we have been working to improve these … Read more

‘The robots are coming’: How can wealth managers get ahead of the fintech revolution? – Nick Baker

7th December 2016

Nick Baker, MD of fintech solution specialist, Bakehouse Communications, explores the key questions facing wealth and asset managers as fintech sector growth challenges traditional ways of doing business. What are the important drivers accelerating the digitisation of the industry? There is no doubt the need to reduce costs will drive greater use of technology. In … Read more

The Contently Interview: Scott Brinker on the Pitfalls and Promise of Martech

7th December 2016

 As much as marketing has changed in the past 10 years, it’s no exaggeration to say it may change even more in the next five. The marketing technology industry has exploded, which has disrupted traditional notions about the role of the marketer at an exponential rate. At this point, human marketers are at risk of … Read more

The evolving role of the chief data officer in financial services | Deloitte

6th December 2016

As organizations discover that they need to proactively and effectively manage their information assets at the enterprise level, this report explores the evolving role of Chief Data Officers in the global financial services industry and how it’s transforming from senior data marshal and steward to strategic business-enablement leader and innovator. Read full article Source: The … Read more

What I learned from seven years as the Guardian’s audience editor – Chris Moran

6th December 2016

Seven years ago I started working full time at the Guardian in the glamorous role of SEO editorial executive. For five of those years I’ve spent every working moment plugged into the richest realtime data source of any news organisation in the world. It’s been very like being in the Matrix but with less kung … Read more

Content Audit – how and why – Evonomie

1st December 2016

Why a Content Audit Should be an Essential Part of Your Marketing Strategy The cornerstone of any content marketing strategy should be a regular content audit. A thorough analysis of content will ensure it stays relevant and engaging, and, most importantly, help it to meet a company’s short and long term objectives. Questions content managers … Read more